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Commercial Painters Ballarat

If you own a business or investment property you know how important it is to maintain a professional image.

Talk to Painters Ballarat for quotes and enhance your image for the benefit of your customers and employees.

We have extensive experience as commercial painters of all property types, from office buildings to warehouses to retail store fronts, to schools, churches, apartment buildings and more.

Throughout Ballarat, you can trust our commercial painters to be efficient, clean and most importantly considerate of the business you still need to conduct while our painting services are performed.

Our Commercial Painting Services in Ballarat
Our professional commercial painters take your property through the entire painting process with ease, from providing painting quotes, to the final coat.

Whether you’re looking to enhance the interior or exterior of your commercial building, we do it all.

From pre-paint cleaning to surface preparation — such as covering blemishes like cracks and rust stains — to full exterior and interior painting, industrial floor coatings, wallpaper removal, we even repair plaster and wood.

Look More Professional
First impressions count. Make the most out of them with our painting services that always keep your commercial building looking its best.

Extend the Life of Your Building
Painting is more than cosmetic, it preserves your building and as a result saves you money over time.

Enjoy Efficiency
We’re efficient because we know your business needs to still operate while we paint. Our primary goal is making your commercial property look better while respecting the needs of your customers and employees.

Save Time
As a Ballarat business owner, you have a lot more to focus on than the maintenance and look of your building, even though you understand the importance of these aspects. With services you can trust, we allow you to direct your attention to more pressing matters.


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