How Much Does Painting a House Cost?

This is probably one of the very first thoughts that sprung into your mind when you decided you want a professional service to do it for you. How much will it set you back? Will it end up costing you half the price of the actual house? And will it actually be worth it?


The answer to this question of how much house painting cost is not simple since the final painting price depends on various factors. The way we charge you is that we take into account the elements that went into ensuring that your service is delivered and executed successfully. So we consider the area and per square meter of what you are getting painted, ease of access and difficulty of the structure itself, the manpower, time, and labor required to execute the paint job, and the coating or paint used. While we try to extract the best possible deal for you, it can range from anywhere between $3000 to $30,000.


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How Much Will it Cost House Painting Interior Cost Per Sqm?

The pricing of house painting interior cost, again, depends on factors such as the condition of the house or room being painted and how much time, labor, and paint will be needed to complete the job. On average, we can charge around $66 per square meter up to 100 square meters, and $49 for every meter that goes over that threshold.


To give you an example, an average-sized room with four walls, ceiling, door and frame, and the window could cost you around $1000 if it is in decent condition, and up to double that price if it is in extremely poor condition and requires a great deal of time investment.


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